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Your income is always delayed

A working middle class family eagerly waits for the end of the month. Why only this particular man? Everybody who is an earning member waits for the end of the month. You must have by now understood the reason for the wait. One word for it, salary or income.

A labourer gets his daily wages. But do you think he gets it daily? He works hard the entire day be it summer, winter or monsoon. But when the time comes for him to get rewarded, he is just thrown out saying later. Their masters hire them with the condition of daily payment but do not fulfil this. Can you imagine the pain that poor man has to face? He has a family back at home eagerly waiting for him to enter with those few notes and coins that will fill their stomach. But sadly this doesn’t happen. He goes back empty handed and another night passes by with them sleeping empty stomach.

Maybe this is the story with the upper class too. Some or the other way everyone can correlate with this as at one or other point in life they do face this situation. Some or the other way, your income maybe delayed.

One may say that the time is not right for you. Your bad luck phase is going on. You are not working hard enough to be paid at the right time and many more. But we are still finding the answers to such questions.

A man whose income is always delayed will for sure get demoralized. The energy and enthusiasm to work for that hard earned money will go down with time if he is not able to see the rewards of his efforts. This leads to stress, financial pressure, family pressure and finally declining of physical and mental health.

There are many ways to come out of such problems and one just has to find and set foot in the right direction.


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