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Does your hardwork go unrewarded?

A man’s life is worthless without hardwork. Without hardwork, there will be nothing to eat. But, it is very surely felt by every man that at some point or the other the reward is not worthy enough of the hardwork done. Not always, but sometimes. When the consequence is worthy enough, we do not even care to look back and analyze our stuff, but when it is not so, we crib about it. Maybe the source of everything is within ourselves, but that really does not matter to us.

Even science has proved that the work output is not equal but always less than the work input unless there is no foreign resistive force. But in practical cases, it is impossible to avoid the outer parameters. That does not mean that our hardwork goes unrewarded. It can also mean that our expectations were higher than what we could actually get. People go into depression when things do not go their way and feel low about them but that is actually not the case. The reward of hardwork always finds a way of coming back to the person who has done it, maybe not always when and in which form we expect it. Sometimes it so happens that the result takes such a long time to come into effect that we tend to forget the source and call that thing ‘unexpected’.

Every task begins with hardwork. There is no way that one can escape hardwork . But along with it, one needs to have patience. Man, today has become so restless that without waiting for the reward of his first task, he jumps into another one and marks the previous one as ‘failed’. Always not matching upto our expectations, but it does come back with a reward. As rightly said by H.W.Longfellow,’Learn to labour and to wait.’ If commitment is made then along with hardwork , the patience for its reward is also necessary.


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