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Unending & continued financial issues?

Life is full of ups and downs. Not a single man can say that he is stable in his life all the time. Be it financially, emotionally, physically, anything. Everything in life has issues related to it and financial too plays a major role in everyone’s lives. One may agree that financial issues are never ending. Even a rich man worries about his bank balance because he has too much and the poor worries because he does not enough to feed himself and his family.

Not a single soul is happy with what they have. Satisfaction is a rare word these days. We want more and more in all aspects. This leads us to continuously drain out our earnings and hence falling into the world of unending and continued financial issues.

The young gullible minds of today are always pulled in the deep pits of the extravagant and lavish lifestyle. They wait for the time to get independent and once they do, they forget how deep their roots are. They have always been stuck with that meagre pocket money which used to make them feel rich and sufficient at that point of time. They never thought financial crisis could be something which they would have to face at any point in their life. Staying in the shelter of their parents never let them feel the chills at night. Now when life gives them a chance to outgrow that, they want all at once. But not realizing that any resource that is not used wisely will always come under the crisis category. And that is what is happening with them.

These days something called as “Urban Poor” is coming into limelight. These people are not devoid of money but still are not able to make ends meet at the end of the day. They are rich in the beginning of the month but not so in the end. This is the story of every fresher today.

To widen the focus, every age group faces financial crisis. Have you never looked into your wallet and thought, “Why do I never have enough?”

Have you ever looked into the glassy windows and the clothes hanging inside those doors? Haven’t you ever wanted to just go grab them? Or a pair of beautiful shiny shoes which gives you the status upheaval in the society that you always wanted? But here comes the catch again. There is never ending financial crisis. You are reminded of all the other priorities that you need to fulfil before even thinking about your extra benefits in life.

Hence, this is nothing new. We are all hanging in the same boat.


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