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Setbacks in business?

Money is an integral part of human’s life. People say money cannot buy everything but it is always better to cry sitting in a BMW than on a roadside. We all work hard to attain success in life and earn money which is enough to easily complete all our wishes and desires. Survival without money is impossible in today’s world.

If we talk about the present scenario, it is saddening to say that love is the foundation of most relationships, marriages, and love affairs. People are running to make lot of money to fulfill all their desires and needs. Growing competition and globalization is the root cause people utterly crave for endless money.

People want to earn money by succeeding in their business. Sometimes, people put in lot of efforts in their business financially and physically but still not succeed. Other times, success comes after lot of obstructions, while some people grow up to a certain limit which is nowhere equivalent to the hard work they put in.

This might be result of planetary positions in a person’s horoscope. Houses of planets and their current positions in birth-chart decide the success rate of a person in business. Such people do not need to worry as every problem comes with the solution. Every person holds a different natal chart and need to perform different remedies to get their business back in order.

Although, there are many remedies suggested by the astrologers who are paid, there are number of remedies which are common to everyone and must be followed to keep business in order and on track. Such techniques keep your business at minimal or no loss.

A good astrologer can help you out of your problem by looking at your natal chart and checking out the negative energies in your birth-chart. These remedies must be performed with 100% dedication and faith. This will surely result in removing malefic energies and bring back positive energy in charts which can directly lead to improvisation in a person’s business.

Despite hard work and continuous efforts, some people might end up with huge loss in business and finally going into series of debts and loans. Lal Kitab, a famous book which contains some common remedies which can be beneficial to the ones suffering from setbacks in business. If we talk specifically about business related remedies, these need to be performed for five continuous Wednesdays without skipping. Following ingredients are required to perform these remedies:

  • Cowri of yellow color
  • Cloves
  • Green Elaichi
  • Pinch of soil where business is established
  • Copper coin

Mix all the ingredients together and burn them. This will end up in formation of ash. Wrap up this ash in a betel leaf. Take copper coin and make a small hole in it. All these items are taken and dispersed in a water body. Performer of this remedy needs to do fasting on this day. Also, he/she needs to offer food to a girl of age less than 9. Repeat this process for five weeks on Wednesday.

Another remedy includes use of red sandal wood paste. Apply this paste on a silk thread. Wrap this thread across the root of banyan three. Wrapped banyan tree root is believed to attract positive energies to the business premises. This can be performed on any day of week without offering any Pooja to any god.

Dhuni of Rai is recommended on every Amavasya to clear off the negative energies in business premises and help in zero loss and maximum profit. Sales in business are also benefitted using this remedy.

It is advised to keep Shivlinga in business premises to increase sales. Worshipping Shivlinga daily with full devotion is also recommended.

Sales of business can be increased by scattering a fistful of black grams and pepper in front of shop on Sunday evening while closing the shop. Broom the same next morning and bury them inside the ground on an isolated place.

Tie garland of lemon and chillis on the gate of the business place so that people can see it. This should be preferable done on Saturdays.

Make ladoos and wave it round the head of the person who is doing business for seven times. Feed those laddoos to cows. This can be performed on Thursdays.

Follow these business related Lal Kitab remedies on the desired days and see your business touching new heights of success. Every problem comes with a solution. So, don’t lose hope. You can always talk to our astrologer for your business related queries that will assist you in everything you are worried about.


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