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Not sure if you are in the right business?

Are you not passionate enough about whatever you are doing right now? Is your business not giving you the right amount of profit that you expected?

There are several questions like this which maybe are going on in your mind right now. You may find answers for some and you may not for the others. Here are some reasons which may help you decide if you are in the right business or not.

Firstly, does time fly at work? Or do you keep checking your watch from time to time with anxiety. If the latter is happening this is a clear indication that you are genuinely not interested in your business. If it is for a day or two, you may ignore it but if it is continuing for long, you need t rethink your decisions.

Secondly, are you able to move out of your comfort zone and willing to take risks? If no, then you are unsure of its consequences and not in the position to take the risk. You do not have so much in your bank balance to be able to face loses at the moment.

Are you having troubles due to unfriendly co-workers? This sometimes is a reason for unhealthy environment in the work place and ultimately leads to development of stress, unhappiness and negative competition.

Do you keep worrying about the security and your liking towards your business on Sundays too? Because this is that one day of the week where you seriously need some rest and if you aren’t able to then it is seriously an issue of concern.

Have you stopped sharing about your work experience with your near and dear ones? You once used to be a talkative person but now you have started getting more and more reserved and prefer to keep shut about your work because you think it is not worthy enough to share with anyone. You have started thinking less about yourself.

You sometimes get bored very easily and if you have a lot of work, you are no more enjoying it. It has become just another tedious task for you which are driving you crazy. This may show signs that you are not in the right business path and you need to seek help from the right place.

Are you constantly thinking about money and your investments and the return on them? Are you all the time worried because not enough profits are being generated and you are slowly going under debt? If you are not happy with your revenue being generated or the salary, you are showing signs of unhappiness.

Has your positive and healthy competition among your co workers has turned into a daily routine of fights and politics? You are unhappy with your own job and constantly keep thinking about moving up to higher levels in your organization but unable to or simply just not happy anywhere.

All these reasons are strong enough for you to analyze if you are in the right business or not. If you feel you are not, then please do come out of your shell and seek help from the right place and the right people.


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Astro-Vaastu Reading

Drawing Chart/Blueprint consultancy with a maximum of 6 sessions on phone


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Kingsize Astrology

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