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Increasing debt, Reducing income?

Debt is the worst form of poverty. It is difficult to get out of this vicious circle. This happens because of the placement of planetary positions in a person’s horoscope. Room of planets greatly impacts the debits of a person in his whole life. Sixth, eleventh and second house of the native’s horoscope influences the debts in life of a person. Evil influence of some planets hinders the auspicious planets from showing their impacts in person’s life. This leads to lower income because most part of the income goes directly to pay off the debts.

Are you tensed because of the debt problems? Astrological solutions can surely get you out of all the worries. Monetary problems are common to everyone but excessive financial debts need to be solved. Lord of sixth house and planetary movement there decides the debts, diseases, and enemies in a native’s life. It is believed that stronger the sixth house, greater is the power of the enemies to get destroyed and native leads a debt free life. Unfortunately, if sixth house is weak, it is possible for native to lead a life full of debts and torture.

Impact of houses in horoscope

  • 1st house: This house is responsible for new life, good career, and money matters. It is good for the native if this house has minimal or no effect of Rahu, Ketu etc.
  • 2nd house: This house describes career, quantity, and wealth. Malefic influence can lead to poor financial conditions for native. Most of the astrological predictions are made based on second house.
  • 11th house: This house depicts ways of income for the native. Malefic impacts indicate stagnated income roles and strong effects indicates good income.
  • 6th house: 6th house is involved in person’s loan and borrows.
  • 12th house: malefic effects in this house are treated good for financial life of a person. It decides the expenditures and loss of income. enlightens how people get surrounded by debts and how to get rid of them in simplest ways. These remedies are based on horoscopes and aim to provide consistent flow of income. Loans for house, education, medical and other matters are common for mediocre class families. These debts are often not payed back and hence, continue to be a thorn of life. Here are some possible planetary reasons if you are also a victim of increasing debts in your financial life.

  • If a native has a black spot in center of his palms, he is likely to suffer from debts in his entire life. A black hand or rambling fingers are a sign of lack of monetary funds.
  • Placement of Mars in sixth house of the horoscope indicates hard time paying taxes in life of a native. While Jupiter and Venus are auspicious planets for sixth house, Saturn is very dangerous for this location. Such people could never repay debts in entire life.
  • Influence of Rahu-Ketu and weaker impact of Mercury in sixth house indicates zero will of person to repay the liability. Combination of Saturn and Mars in this house can slander the goodwill of a person.
  • It is inadvisable to take debt on Saturdays, 8th, 17th and 26th date.
  • Avoid filling debt papers using black ink.

Avoid these mistakes on personal front to improve your monetary situation:

  • Spend less than you earn
  • Cut off thrifty habits from your daily routine. This might help you to save more
  • Avoid paying through credit cards. Credit cards push you more into debts and worst situation

It is rightly said “Where there is a will, there is a way.” No problem exists without a solution. delivers remedial offers to its users which can help them out to deal with their financial problems. There are many ways to get out of financial traps.

  • It is advisable to collect water from a cemetery well and offer it to Peepal tree for 6 continuous Saturdays
  • Offer chapatti to black dog on every Saturday after applying oil on it
  • Bury coconut filled with jiggery powder under peepal tree
  • Plant Ashoka tree and give water to it daily
  • Offer water to rising sun daily, pray for the will to return/repay a loan while reciting Om adithyayenamah
  • Recite hanuman chalisa for 108 times in a day. Your friends/family members can assist you in same.
  • Avoid eating onion, garlic and other non-vegetarian food while observing Brahmacharya. Offer halwa Prasad to Hanumanji in temples on Tuesday after completion of Brahmacharya.
  • It is advisable for shop owners to clean shop daily.
  • Practice meditation on daily basis to get yourself energized.

If you have any doubts related to financial matters, debts and income, if your debts are increasing leaving an impact on your income which is degrading continuously, then get in touch with us to know about your welfare. Don’t hesitate to talk to our experts to know in detail about yourself.


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