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Feeling stuck without growth in career?

Career and money are important part of a person’s life. Survival without money is impossible and money comes from a good business or a better job. It is mandatory to have a bright career to build up a life which fulfills all your desires. Progress in career is not only dependent upon the hard work put in by the person. There are many other factors which defines the success in career. It is believed that 50% of the houses in charts and 30% of planets describes the best time of your career. Many people suffering from fluctuations in career are often seen asking questions like ‘When can I expect a break in career?’, ‘Shall I go overseas to attain success?’. Our trained astrologers provide answers to all such questions. Their solutions and remedies will bring a positive change in your career and life. We encourage you to explore your career in depths by considering your birth chart and placement of celestial bodies.

How and where money enters your life is based on the natal charts. Usually, analysis of Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter in charts tells the shape of your career. Close examination of 12 houses also state how subtle the impact of planets leave on your life. Saturn tells about the work ethics and your potential to perform better in career or present job. It is possible that some karmic blockages are holding you back in career, Saturn is also helpful in describing those areas which needs to be taken care of.

Position of Jupiter is studied to know about the potential to gain wealth in future, previous acts which can prove to be plus point at present and ability to seek more fortune through constructive advice from someone. Jupiter is related to the karmas of previous life which depicts how well you respected wealth in previous birth. Abusing money or misusing it then could be a cause of problem and low financial status in this birth.

Mercury is a planet which involves natural acceptance of a person to obtain wealth, talent to do trade, sell and purchase products in a manner which is profitable to business & provide growth. Mercury describes how well and instantly you react and adopt new policies and how you make out from most of the opportunities.

If we talk about the houses in birth chart, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th , 8th , 10th and 11th houses in the birth chart describes the money and career topics. Following is the description how these houses affect you directly or indirectly:

  • 2nd house depicts indications about how well money will flow in and out of your pocket. It also describes the best financial management style about you
  • 5th house reveals the potential you can gain through assumptions and investments
  • 6th house discloses about your eligibility to receive money
  • 7th house depicts how well you can engage others into your business. This house talks about the companions and business partners. How well business alliance will fit into your matters etc.
  • 8th house describes how your destiny is inclined towards you. It tells the possibility of winning a lottery. Not only possibilities, it also describes obstacles that will hinder the path in attaining/winning lottery.
  • 10th house outlines your career potential, helps you to know which areas are better to step into. Help you get into which career fields you must opt for.
  • 11th house conveys about how well you can use your accumulated money and in which forms

For money to flow into your pocket, it is mandatory that all the houses get satisfied and score good in all aspects. For this to happen, we provide remedies and reports so that you can have a life in which you don’t need to compromise in. Know about the good and bad planets for you, learn how to cure any upcoming problem in your career and job. Using dedicated report of your planets provided by our astrologers, you can explore your specific areas of concern in more depth.


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