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Do you feel you are in the wrong line of work?

‘It is not our abilities that make us who we are, it is our choices. ‘Rightly said by J.K.Rowling, every student faces a situation in his life where he has to make a choice between what he really wants to do and what he should do. And it can be said from real experience that, that one choice is what our life depends on. For some, passion overpowers the clichéd societal perception but for many, that does not happen.

One cannot really say that he is in the wrong line of work when he is earning a decent salary and has and has no major mental or financial problem but sometimes, for some people, that is just not enough. From an emotional point of view there are many who are still fighting, not for money or a 3BHK flat, but for contentment. The line of work we choose decides the chances of exposure of our real talent.

A person whose passion is cricket or dancing will never say that he is in the wrong line of work sitting in an air conditioned office area from 9 to 5. But his talent and want can never be disclosed just by sitting in front of the computer and working on the excel sheets all day long. Is he happy?

Definitely. But is he contended? Maybe not. Sometimes it so happens, with some people that the wrong line of work causes havoc in their lives. It leads to depression, frustration, anger and finally, regrets. Such regrets which they carry for their entire lives and which also can sometimes create confusion for their after generations.

For some people, responsibilities overpower passion and desire in such a way that they create no space for a choice between right and wrong. Neither do they ever get a choice nor do they have time for regrets. But regrets can be really dreadful and it is better to stay as far as possible from them.


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